Branding and Lifestyle Imagery

Ultimately, it's about creating a platform to tell your story.

When it comes to conveying the meaning behind your brand, engaging imagery is critical for building a narrative for businesses large and small. It’s your story, and what you share with potential clients has the ability to create trust and project your expertise and competence in your area.  And while distilling your Story can be a challenge, it makes a difference when the creative you hire is skilled at matching imagery to your words, evoking the feelings and communicating the message to build your brand.

But a consistent brand message and supporting imagery is only the first step.  In today’s economy, you need an “always-open” presence available to engage your clients anywhere and at a time convenient to them.

Covid has created additional challenges as businesses and professionals pivoted to identify and shift into streams of opportunity.  We’ve been working with businesses to align themselves with the new “normal” and providing an online platform for their new targeted content that is perfectly aligned for their future business needs.

Through Willett + Associates, we can also provide Web Design and Technical support to maintain continuity in your business and provide a customized platform for your brand and your story.

Case Study: Hairway To Steven

That’s exactly what we did for the best Barbershop in Towson.  At the beginning of 2020, Hairway To Steven had a brochure style website that was out of date, and an in-person sign-up board for appointments that was legendary with his clients, but incompatible with the social distancing and capacity changes that Covid would require.

We worked with the owner, Steven and quickly refined the Story behind his business and the functionality that his new site would require to thrive in the personal services sector throughout a series of changing County restrictions and CDC guidelines.  We created new images and video to illustrate the experience you have in his shop and designed a website specifically tailored for his customer’s needs and use cases.  We also refined his site content and performance to ensure that his shop is on the first page of Google, with top placement for his critical business keywords.

 Did it make a difference for his business?  I’ll let Steven chime in with his comments:

… Don built a website that exceeded my expectations and brought my business into the 21st century.  I find myself answering the phone less and cutting more hair than ever.  I have even added two barbers to my staff.  Don’s expertise improved my business, made management of my business easier, and made it easier for my customers to patronize it.
Don is a wizard.

While a number of businesses around him have shuttered, this business has grown, and his new website is now the front door to his shop.  Giving new customers a feel for the experience they will have, the level of artistry in their services, while safely booking clients online to control flow through the shop.  This maintains compliance with social distancing requirements and maximizes efficiency by structuring the daily calendar.

Cast your Business in a New Light

And prepare for the opportunities that will present themselves in the coming years.  Let’s talk about how you can use compelling lifestyle imagery and modern web design to create a your new brand experience.