I was on location in California when I learned that my Grandfather had passed. He was like a father to me and the sudden loss revealed all the things that I would have liked to have done together, but now couldn’t. While I was sitting on the beach in Monterey, I recalled that as close as we were, I’d had never had a seaside vacation with him. So I walked the beach the next day, using a Polaroid camera and made photographs of a vacation that never was. Archetypical images of what a beach vacation with my Grandfather would have looked like if it had occurred.

It was a wonderful experience on a number of levels. The Polaroids let me make an image and give the person a black and white print right then. It was always warmly received, while I dropped the negative into tub of sulphite solution. The negatives scanned and printed beautifully with soft silvery tones and the tell tale Polaroid edges.